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The 12th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition (P-MEC CHINA 2017)

China Shanghai Tianhe Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Shanghai Tianhe Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
The 12th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition (P-MEC CHINA 2017)
Latest company news about The 12th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition (P-MEC CHINA 2017)

Sponsor: China Chamber of Commerce for Importers and Exporters of Medical and Health Products Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Organizer: Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Executive Organizer: Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd


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Over the past 11 years, with the belief of "innovation" and the watchman for China's pharmaceutical industry, P-MEC China has forged an inseparable link between "World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials Exhibition" and China's pharmaceutical industry.


The 3-day P-MEC China Expo 2016 has made a new breakthrough in the number of exhibitors, the number of visitors and the activities during the same period: Exhibition held over the same period of "the sixteenth session of the world pharmaceutical raw materials for the exhibition (CPhI China)" and FiAC food series are creating one-stop sourcing platform, the audience rose to 70563 person-time, hit a record high, compared with 2015 increased by 13%, of which more than $10944 overseas audience mainly from 119 countries and regions, further laid a P - MEC China international status in the field of pharmaceutical industry.


In 2017, the 12th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials Exhibition China will join hands with the 17th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Exhibition China in Pudong New International Expo Center to open the road of market-oriented pharmaceutical manufacturing in China once again. At that time, the organizer will cooperate with CPHI & P-MEC*** series exhibition to share audience and media resources, focus on expanding automation and intelligent equipment technology to meet the market trend, and build a broader communication platform for pharmaceutical machinery enterprises.



latest company news about The 12th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition (P-MEC CHINA 2017)  0


Tianhe Display Products:







Exhibits range


World Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition Packaging Equipment Exhibition Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Exhibition offers the following exhibits


API equipment


Reaction equipment, drying equipment, crystallization equipment, centrifuge, extraction equipment, heat exchanger, storage equipment, filtration equipment, evaporation equipment, distillation equipment, screening machinery, sterilization equipment, filter press, homogenizer, etc


Preparation equipment


Pills machinery soft paste ︱ ︱ eye drops machinery ︱ tablet ︱ tincture mechanical ︱ ︱ syrup water infusion of mechanical soft capsule (pill) mechanical ︱ ︱ ShuiZhenJi machinery hard capsule ︱ ︱ ︱ oral liquid suppository machinery agent machinery mechanical ︱ ︱ medicine preparing aerosol ︱ ︱ * * * powder ShuiZhenJi machinery ︱ infusion agent ︱ ︱ ︱ coating machine machine medicinal filling machine medicinal grinding machine ︱ ︱ ︱ jet mill cold mill medicinal crushing machine mechanical medicinal crusher ︱ ︱ ︱ Ultra-micro pulverizer ︱ granulator, mixing equipment, bottle conveyor, bottle sorting machine, bottle washing machine, inflation device, oscillating lock lock device, feeding device, etc


Pharmaceutical packaging machinery


Weighing equipment ︱ bag packing machine, pillow packing machine, bubble cap packing machine, bottled production line, printing machine, labeling machine, packing machine, heat shrink packaging machine, packing machine, packing machine, packing machine, palletizing equipment, metal detecting machine, manual folding machine




MES system is sensor, machine vision, mechanical transmission, robot, mechanical arm, frequency converter, instrument, automation software


Pharmaceutical packaging materials


Drug delivery systems are ︱ soft packaging, capsules, printing labels, pharmaceutical hoses, plastic bottles, hard tubes, composite materials, spray pumps, aluminum foil, prefilling syringes, bottle caps, rubber stoppers, gaskets, pharmaceutical glass bottles


Laboratory equipment/consumables


Oxygen resin plate ︱ ︱ ︱ solid chemical corrosion-resistant chemical glass mesa ︱ test * * * corker ︱ ︱ gas water tank/cup slot ︱ ︱ drop frame emergency eye bath ︱ desktop eye bath ︱ ︱ universal suction cover lifting stool ︱ ︱ attachment desks and chairs power liquid move ︱ ︱ ︱ laboratory glassware ︱ ︱ biochemical/analysis instrument hardness tester ︱ dissolution tester ︱ ︱ degassing apparatus disintegration instrument ︱ suppository disintegration apparatus ︱ ︱ brittle broken instrument inspection instrument ︱ ︱ ︱ metal detector machine are frozen force Ampoule injection foreign body check equipment ︱ ︱ glass bottle infusion eyewinker semi-automatic inspection machine plastic infusion leak detector ︱ ︱ aluminum-plastic blister packaging detector size analyzer ︱ ︱ ︱ ︱ ︱ chromatograph ultrasonic equipment scales microscope PCR ︱ ︱ enzyme electrophoresis equipment/washer machine/light detection ︱ ︱ isotope gas generator ︱ ︱ ︱ thermal analysis instrument physical properties analysis instrument electrochemical analysis instrument


Pharmaceutical water equipment


Distilled water apparatus ︱ electrodialysis apparatus ︱ ion exchange apparatus ︱ reverse dialysis apparatus


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) equipment


Medicine washing machine ︱ moistening medicine machine ︱ cutting medicine machine ︱ screening machine ︱ stir-frying medicine machine


Refrigeration equipment


Refrigeration compressors ︱ cooling towers, refrigerators, chillers, sprinklers


Fluid equipment


Pump-valve - pipe - fittings - microfiltration, ultrafiltration


Clean system


Clean studio/clean air conditioner ︱ anti-static clothing


Medical streaming equipment


Pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics equipment | | temperature cold storage refrigeration technology equipment and cold-chain biochemical cryogenic refrigeration equipment | materials | medicine cold-chain information system | | | be born with enterprise automation stereoscopic warehouse barcode recognition technology | | GPS positioning and tracking system automated sorting technology | automatic conveying system | | automatic guided vehicle AGV system forklift and accessories | lifting equipment and accessories | | | transportation equipment lifting equipment supply chain management solutions and software | | incubator phase change thermal storage materials | plastic bags | | waterproof bag back Bubble bag | store packaging equipment storage technology | | | | preservation technology warehouse storage system and takes care of the cleaning system | warehouse supplies | | special storage and transportation equipment, transportation and warehouse management system | drug safety storage | chemical safety storage classes | | special vehicle of dangerous chemicals | | dangerous goods transport information system and technology of supply chain management system


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